Community Guidelines

We’re still figuring out who we are and how our users are going to use Sterp.

Sterp is a place where users should feel safe to show off their products and discover new products from others in the community.

Sterp’s guidelines are currently broad and written by a human, but they’ll evolve quickly as we grow.

  • No spam. We don’t allow fake products, fake profiles, personas, or promotion of items that you don’t own. It’s YOUR profile with YOUR name and YOUR items.
  • Keep your items family friendly. We don’t allow product uploads in the adult content or pornography category. This category is intentionally broad, and product approval is based off OUR judgment.
  • Upload real photos. Real photo uploads keep Sterp authentic, personal and clean. Stock images are lame. Go to Amazon If you want to view stock images.
  • Be nice. Don’t harass other people or companies. You can speak your mind about your products, but Sterp isn’t a place for harassment, hate speech or violence. Sterp is a place to share and discover products.